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Instructions for Warping a Loom 
Back to Front Method

New version available without cost!


PDF file and license to print paper copies without cost:  Instructions for Warping a Loom - Back to Front Method by Louise French

These warping instructions have been updated and revised, and the request for payment has been removed. These detailed instructions, which are highly illustrated with color photographs, have been helpful to beginning weavers and those needing a little refresher.  As a teacher, Louise has used these instructions for many years.  They are now offered free as a PDF file which may be downloaded, read, saved to your computer, and printed with the free Adobe Reader.  


Download Now. 

This publication is now free.   A special thank you to those who paid for earlier versions of my instructions.  While the current version is without cost, it is not in the public domain since the copyright license agreement on this version specifies "no commercial use".  Weaving teachers are welcome to print unlimited quantities for class use.  See the pdf file for Creative Commons License detail.






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